Welcome to the Evolution!

Hello my lovelies!

As some of you know, Bad Bitch Gone Goddess is no longer. As with many spiritually based projects and pursuits, things evolve. I’ve definitely evolved a tremendous amount since I began BBGG many years ago. Honestly, I hardly even recognize that person anymore. As entertaining and genius as the brand was, it just no longer fits me. I’ve grown. As often happens when we change, we grow out of things. BBGG had become yet another box I no longer felt comfortable in.

Of course that persona still lives on and will show itself from time to time, but it is by no means the greater part of who I am. It is actually a rather small portion of my living expression here on this planet. Because of that, it was really exhausting to even think of what needed to be done in order to post regular content, not to mention actually accomplishing it. Which I did not. My soul was literally in resistance to the entire notion. So…

…In order to honor more and more the most authentic expression of who I truly am, I’ve had to re-organize and re-establish a new world where the newest version of me can live and thrive. I encourage you all to take a moment and see where you have grown too big for the role(s) you’ve been playing as well. We are many, many things. All at once sometimes. But we are never, ever static beings. Attempting to remain a plastic molded version of one small facet of the multitude of our existence is cause for countless dysfunctions. I was ready to break free of that. I am here to be myself and offer inspiration and guidance for you all to do the same.

I know BBGG will be missed, and she will pop in now and again, but I feel so much freer to flow with my ever changing and ever evolving self. I hope that you will continue to play and to grow and evolve right along with me. That is the point of life after all is it not?

With that being said, I’m not exactly sure how this version of Gone Goddess will unfold, or how many twists and turns it will take before it settles in. But unfold it will, and glorious it shall be. I’m here for it and excited for the new adventure.

Won’t you join me?




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