The Prejudice of Pride

I woke up this morning realizing that I don’t take as much joy from life as I wish I did. Too often the tasks and actions that I perform are because I feel guided to do them or are things I feel “should” be done. Why? I began to ask myself. It occurred to me that in my desire to not be a slave to my ego, I have not allowed myself the pleasure of feeling proud. Proud of my accomplishments, pride in who I have become and the difficulties I’ve surpassed, pride in my work…etc.

Pride is considered one of the seven deadly sins. As such, I think we have misinterpreted exactly which sort of pride is the dangerous kind. To find joy, pleasure, and/or delight in one’s accomplishments or achievements is not the deadly kind of pride. I do believe that good hearted people withhold this kind of pride for fear of falling into the shadow side, the murderous, sinful kind of pride.

What then is the dangerous sort of pride? The sinful way to be prideful is the way that does not allow one to accept what is. The kind of pride that masks the arrogance of someone who feels insecure and shameful of their imperfections. The kind that makes someone refuse help, or to admit that they were wrong. This kind of pride IS deadly because it stifles growth of the soul. This kind of pride is ego based in that it stems from the belief that “If I admit to something I’d rather not admit to, it makes me less than somehow.” This of course is simply not true.

Admitting one’s satisfaction and joy in life caused by their own actions is not dangerous or sinful. It is sharing in the delight of the Divine One that created you into existence. It is feeling the pleasure in creation in all of it’s forms. It’s reveling in the magic of who and what you are. Because it is magical, anything you are and everything you do is caused by divine magic. You are a living breathing vessel of opportunity for the vastness of creation to express itself through. I think that is definitely worth praise and a pat on the back.

So soak it all up. Allow the delight to unfurl as you witness your own creations. It is a gift. Receive it. The shadow side of pride, the one that we fear, is in fact a result of you not embracing the joy of who you are and what you can accomplish. Beam with pride, do not hide behind it, that’s the key difference perhaps.


Gone Goddess

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