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Introducing Gone Goddess Radio!

Some of you have been following my podcasting journey since the Bad Bitch Gone Goddess days. To you loyal few, many, many thanks for sticking by me through my own personal evolution. Bad Bitch Gone Goddess has grown up and now I present to you Gone Goddess Radio! Have no fear, the ranting and raving you all so loved will still rear its ugly head now and again I assure you. However, with this series I thought I would take a bit more serious tone and show you the real me.

I am a Dark Goddess.

That means that I am gifted with the dark side of the light. I embody the power to break down illusions, to be a destructive force for all that which does not serve you. I bring balance to a spiritual community that is drowning in Love & Light philosophy without the necessary teachings to get you through the messy parts of your awakening journey. Uncovering your true self is a grueling process. It requires the ability to face your shadow selves without drowning in the darkness you find there. It’s no easy task. Without proper guidance many will never even embark on the dark side of the goddess path. But until you can face your own shadows, you my dear, will never be whole.

I am here to assist you with that process. I have swam into the deepest black waters of my own underworld and returned victorious. I will guide you through those places with as much gentleness and love that the road allows. We will find welcoming homes for your grief, your anger, and your pain. I will show you the way to transform your demons into your greatest allies. You will learn to love yourself as you are, where you are, and how you are.

In doing so, you will unlock the doorway to your most magnificent self. In this new series I offer you freedom. I offer you pleasure. I offer you peace. I offer you your true selves. So grab a glass of wine and join me. Your bliss is waiting…


“I am the Rosetriune. The dark side of the light. Viscous and languid. The blood of the earth. I will breathe into you new life through pleasure you’ve only imagined. In the darkness of the light I am Queen, Empress and High Priestess. I see what you cannot yet see. I will walk with you through the dark night of the soul. I will command your demons to release you. I will set you free. If you let me…”

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