About Gone Goddess

Gone Goddess is a space dedicated to the teachings of the Goddess Path. The Goddess path empowers the innate value of the feminine principle, while also finding union with the masculine within and without. This process seeks to heal the imbalance created by toxic masculinity and toxic feminism, that have perpetuated the separation of these intrinsically connected energies. 

The Goddess Path teaches all women to step into their true power, by embracing the most authentic expression of who they are as a feminine being. The Goddess Path teaches us to work with our natural energies by enhancing them, and removing the shame embedded in the desire to flow effortlessly with, and express our own unique feminine essence. 

Through spiritually aligned blog content, and the courses at Gone Goddess Academy, you will learn how to discover your unique goddess type, refine your intuition, heal past trauma, become fully embodied, discover your life purpose, magnetize conscious relationships, and so much more.

Meet the Team  

Penelope Calloway Badger

Formerly Bad Bitch Gone Goddess, Penelope has been a writer and avid seeker of spiritual truth for over two decades. She is a Lyran Starseed, Jaguar Priestess, channeler, healer and sensual spiritualist. The teachings at Gone Goddess are a collection of tools that she has personally integrated, and continues to develop on her own search for deeper embodiment and greater pleasure.

Penelope graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2007, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Family & Human Development in 2014. She has trained as a doula, a childbirth educator, reiki master, yoga instructor, and more. Before Gone Goddess, she co-founded The Good Love Project, a company dedicated to positive sex education and relationship coaching. There she curated and taught courses, as well as assisted others navigating the world of polyamory and open relationships. Penelope is now the Founder and Head Mistress of Gone Goddess and Gone Goddess Academy, as well as a producer and recording artist for Coven House Records.

Penelope lives in Phoenix, AZ, is happily married to her twin flame, and a homeschooling mother of three. When she is not writing, she enjoys traveling and practicing the Japanese art of Kinbaku. 

Sean “Senbad” Badger

Senbad aka Sean Badger is a devoted husband, father, and all around exceptional human being. He is a master of his craft as a DJ, and has promoted and built conscious community in the electronic music industry for over 20 years. A natural at merging the spiritual and material realms, he is the executive producer and divine masculine principle behind all things Gone Goddess. Everything Gone Goddess is and will be would not be possible without his poignant advice, uniquely evolved perspectives, and unwavering support.

Sean lives in Phoenix, AZ, is happily married to his twin flame, and a father of three. He is a conscious business owner whose passions include, music, mentoring, and analog synthesizers. In his spare time he enjoys working on music, movies, and traveling with his family.