Q: What is Gone Goddess?

A: Gone Goddess is a platform dedicated to teachings and guidance that assist anyone wanting to connect deeper with their most authentic selves. Through various perspectives and modalities, one can gain greater clarity about one’s truest path in life, balance the masculine and feminine energies within, create a deeper connection to the body, and experience the pleasure of the divine. Gone Goddess offers discussions, tools and teachings on awakening the god/goddess within, guidance for the soul’s ascension process, and assistance with integrating heaven and earth in everyday life.

Q: I come from a religious background, will these teachings contradict my beliefs?

A: Some of the concepts may challenge certain belief systems that are dogmatic in nature, however upon deeper contemplation and experimentation, one can find harmony between religious beliefs and the information presented here. Upon further examination, one can also find that the concepts presented complement or even enhance those of your chosen faith.

Q: What is Yoga? 

A: Yoga is a general term used to describe a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual practices originating in Ancient India. All forms of yoga have the ultimate goal of achieving Moksha, or “liberation” from the Maya (illusions) of the world. The paths are many, but all lead towards enlightenment, self-realization, and inner peace. The Yoga most people are familiar with is Hatha Yoga. This includes, Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work), and Meditation. These practices are non-denominational in nature and offer a pathway for mind-body connection, physical wellness, and inner peace.

Q: Isn’t magick and witchcraft satanic?

A: While there are people who use the practice of witchcraft for evil doing, magick is inherently neutral. You will not find any elements of black magick here at Gone Goddess. The only forms of magick and witchcraft we teach are those for personal development, honoring one’s personal deities, and amplifying manifestation energies. All techniques are ethical in nature and we do not teach methods to affect another’s will.

Q: So how can I get what I want if it involves other people?

A: At Gone Goddess, we believe that all infinite possibilities exist now. You will learn how to align your frequency to the reality that you most desire. You cannot change other people, but you can change yourself. As you come into greater alignment with your most authentic self, those people, things, and situations that will bring you the most fulfillment will be naturally drawn to you.

Q: Who is Penelope and why should I listen to her?

A: Penelope has been a devoted student and teacher of spirituality for over two decades. Her training includes Reiki, Yoga, Sacred Dance, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relationships and more. She graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2007 and in 2014 earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Family & Human Development. She has studied closely with a master teacher for nearly 15 years and continues her avid search for new ways to disseminate and deliver spiritual concepts in a practical and usable way.

She believes that heaven is available here on earth in these bodies right now. Her goal is to make spirituality tangible, accessible and as down to earth as possible. She believes whole heartedly in the divinity of the flesh and the pleasure of the spirit. As the founder and lead instructor at Gone Goddess, her mission is to provide spiritual education that does not require the learner to abandon the pleasures of the flesh or demote the human experience. Instead she offers a path to reconnect human existence with the eternal Self; assisting her students in removing the illusory lines between the sacred and the mundane.

Q: I don’t want anyone to know I’m studying this weird stuff, will you keep it a secret?

A: Absolutely. We never share your information without your written consent and only use the information we collect to complete transactions initiated by you to obtain products or services here on http://gonegoddess.com. By using this site you also agree to our Privacy Policy Agreement which can be found at http://gonegoddess.com/privacy